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Replacing the iPad call speaker

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Replacing the iPad call speaker

A damaged loudspeaker may prevent a device from being used properly. If there is too much dust and dirt in a speaker, a phone has dropped to the floor, or a speaker has otherwise been damaged, you will hear crackling sound or you won't hear anything during calls. In such a situation it is worth replacing the loudspeaker at a professional service center.


In our Warsaw service center we repair iPads and other Apple devices (as well as other manufacturers). The replacement of the loudspeaker is a service that is performed quickly, and thanks to our experience and professionalism, customers can be sure that the repaired device will be returned to them not only in a short time, but also in excellent condition and 100% able to work. Due to our database of spare parts we can react almost immediately after diagnosing a problem with a damaged speaker.


If you seek for a quick and professional replacement of a loudspeaker on iPad in Warsaw, please visit Dobry Majster service center. We will make every effort to ensure that the device entrusted to us after repair is like new. :)