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Software installation

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All devices 150,00
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Software installation

At our service center in Warsaw, customers can rely not only on efficient repairs or replacement of parts, but also on the installation of the system and the transfer of data to the Macbook. Updating your computer in this way can improve its performance and optimize without losing data that will be transferred to the new system.


Self-configuration of the system can take a lot of time, and any mistake can lead to irrecoverable loss of some data. Therefore, it is worth transferring the equipment into the hands of professionals who will quickly and efficiently install new software and deal with data migration between two devices. Thanks to this, you will not lose a single document, photo or application. We know that a laptop for many of us is one of the most important devices for work, performing various formalities or just for fun and relaxation; we collect both work materials and a lot of personal data. Therefore, it is worth taking care of its performance, updating it and securing the data to be sure that the laptop will work without interruptions and our information will not be lost.


We invite you to visit our service center in Warsaw - we will take care of your Macbook so that it will serve you for years. So that you can continue to enjoy an efficient and fast-acting device for a long time! :)