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Screen Glass Replacement iPhone

Device model Premium Replacement, zł Repair time
iPhone 5/5S/SE 119,00 2-3 hours
iPhone 6 149,00 2-3 hours
iPhone 6S 189,00 2-3 hours
iPhone 6 Plus 189,00 2-3 hours
iPhone 6S Plus 189,00 2-3 hours
iPhone 7 199,00 2-3 hours
iPhone 7 Plus 249,00 2-3 hours
iPhone 8 199,00 2-3 hours
iPhone 8 Plus 279,00 2-3 hours
iPhone X 449,00 2-3 hours
iPhone XR 399,00 2-3 hours
iPhone XS 489,00 2-3 hours
iPhone XS MAX 599,00 2-3 hours
iPhone SE (2020) 199,00 2-3 hours
iPhone 11 479,00 2-3 hours
iPhone 11 PRO 749,00 2-3 hours
iPhone 11 PRO MAX 949,00 2-3 hours
Device model:

IPhone repair Warsaw - center of the city - if the display has broken

The most common failure that our customers have with phones with the Apple logo is cracked display. Sometimes it seems inconspicuous, but very often the screen stops working properly in the length of time – what makes impossible further use of a phone. Another time the display crack is so big that it immediately inclines an owner to replace it. Whatever the reason be, it is not worth torturing themselves and condemning to functioning with a malfunctioning phone. Despite popular opinions on the web screen replacement is  not so simple, and attempts to replace it yourself may end up damaging the motherboard, microphone, housing or even a new screen. Your iPhone is too expensive and too delicate device to be experimented with. So leave it in our hands and soon your iPhone is restored to full working order - regardless of whether you decide on original or replica display. Usually, such an repair will take us no more than an hour - quickly, efficiently and safely.