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Replacing the iPad charging

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Replacing the iPad charging

If an iPad is not charging properly, there can be many causes of this problem - one of them is damage of charging port. Such a failure has several symptoms: the connected device "does not see" the charger, does not charge or stops charging before it reaches 100%, the charging process is interrupted and the battery drops faster than it should.


Visit our service center in Warsaw - iPads have no secrets for us. We will quickly locate a defect and reliably repair it that prevents a device from charging properly. Replacing the charging port is complicated and time-consuming process, so it is worth to trust a device to specialists and handing a tablet over to professional service technicians. After diagnosing the problem with the charging port, we will replace it using the best quality components. Due to our large database of spare parts for which we provide warranty, we can react quickly - without waiting for delivery - and provide the best quality of service.


We encourage you to entrust a device to replace a charging port in iPad with our service in Warsaw. Contact us and get recovered efficiently operating device with warranty for quality of the service provided.