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About us

Dear customers, we invite you to our Apple service in Warsaw. We offer many years of experience combined with passion fornew technologies, thanks to which we provide professional and effective repair of iPhones and other Apple gadgets. We areone of the most effective services in Warsaw, at the same time guaranteeing attractive prices and short mean repair time.

Our offer includes a wide range of services related to the repair of iPhone, iPad, Macbook or iWatch. We approach each clientindividually, effectively locating a source of the problem and repairing the device immediately or - in the event of a seriousfailure - in the shortest possible time. Due to large database of spare parts, we can start replacing components immediately afterdetecting a defect - we do not need to wait for the delivery of an appropriate part. This significantly shortens the repair time,and thus accelerates the return of serviceable and refreshed device to its owner.

We offer:

Our offer applies to all Apple devices. What is important - we do diagnostics for FREE! If, after verification, your deviceproves to be serviceable, you will not pay a single zloty. And if we undertake repairs, we will also offer a 30-day warranty forthe service provided.

We specialize in repairing iPhones and other Apple devices. Warsaw does not have another such service, so we encourage youto contact us and arrange a convenient date for service. We will take care of device so that you do not have to worry about itsefficiency and comfort of use. We assure you that the 'apple' has no secrets for us! ;)