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Macbook keyboard replacement

Device model Price ,zł
MacBook Air 11″ A1370, A1465 2010-2017 399,00
MacBook Air 13″ A1466, A1369 2010-2017 399,00
MacBook Pro 13″ Unibody A1278 2008-2012 399,00
MacBook Pro 15″ Unibody A1286 2008-2012 349,00
MacBook Pro 17″ Unibody A1297 2010-2011 399,00
MacBook RETINA 12″ A1534 2015-2017 (Top Case replacement) used 1599,00
MacBook Pro 13″ RETINA A1502 2013-2015 529,00
MacBook Pro 13″ RETINA A1708 2016-2018 (Top Case replacement) 1499,00
MacBook Pro 13″ RETINA A1708 2016-2018 TouchBar (Top Case replacement) 1499,00
MacBook Pro 15″ RETINA A1398 2012-2015 649,00
MacBook Pro 13″ RETINA A1706 TouchBar 2016-2018 (Top Case replacement) 1399,00
MacBook Pro 15″ RETINA A1707 TouchBar 2016-2018 (Top Case replacement) 1399,00
Device model:

Keyboard replacement

A keyboard that doesn't work properly can cause us a lot of problems when using a Macbook. If keys come off or get stuck, another character appears when you press a button, some keys or entire sections do not work, then your keyboard needs to be replaced or repaired. If you are looking for an efficient and prompt Macbook service in Warsaw, visit Dobry Majster service center. It is not always possible to repair the mechanism or replace keys, so it may be necessary to replace an entire keyboard. Thanks to our spare parts database, we can guarantee a quick and professional replacement of Macbook keyboard in Warsaw service, as well as give warranty for every new part and service. We guarantee competitive prices and due to our extensive experience we can help with any problem related to keyboard damage (and not only!). We know that good device is now the base for work and entertainment, so we make every effort to get Macbook back to a customer quickly and almost like new.